Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bucket List

I don't usually cross-post from my My Space blog, but I took the challenge from Maven & here's what I came up with :

The Bucket List. You know...the things you want to do before you "kick the bucket."

Mave challenged her reader's to compile their list, and I'm not one to back down from a challenge.

Last year while Christmas shopping, I came across the book "2001 Things to do Before You Die" which was written along the same lines. The author provided a list as inspiration to get you to think about the things you would really want to do or try in your lifetime.

I was laughing out loud at B&N, which I do lots.

But I also sing in public.

Yep, to know me is to love me.

Anyway....I stood in the bargain aisle reading the list of things I should do, & realizing I had already done an awful lot of them.

And, yes, some of them are a bit risque & will not be put into print here.

It IS a family page after all. My daughter drops in sometimes. And so do her friends.

And lord knows I embarrass her enough as it is. (See "sing in public" comment.)

My head was still ringing last night from the Edgar Winter concert (which was quite fab by the way) & I couldn't get to sleep, so I started thinking about my list.

It's silly, but on the top of the list is to have someone write a song about me. A song that you happen on while listening to the radio & go, "Dear god, that's me!" and smile.

Now, to be honest, I did have a song written sorta about me once. And performed in public an awful lot. And running into the guitarist (& co-writer) last night jogged the memory. But, it wasn't exactly the type of song I had in mind. Let's just say it contained the lyrics "Little Miss Twister, that's your little sister, Little Miss Twister, she's a dancin' fool."

Singing in public is not all I used to do.

A lot.

I also want to visit Stonehenge. At Winter Solstice.

Except, now they have that blasted fence around it to preserve it. So, it kinda wrecks the effect.

Now, I have been to a dolman in Ireland, a druids' alter & grave entrance. We drove all over the burren looking for the silly thing & would have driven right past had my son not spotted it in the distance. It was near the Vernal Equinox as luck would have it.

All the travel books make it look so impressive & huge. We almost missed it because it was probably only 5 feet high.

But, it was still pretty cool.

I want to travel the Great Ocean Road in Oz.

There is just something so inviting about it.

And, I want to retake the family castle.

Or at least spend the night there. Along with the ghosts.

And, I want to go horseback riding on the beach.

On a desert isle.

On the Black Stallion.


And I want to be considered an artist & author.


I'm working on that one at the moment.

Oh, & just once, I want to make risotto.

When I think of the things I've already managed to accomplish on my "looking back at the things I want to do" list, it's pretty impressive. And most of it was accidental. You know, "life along the way" sort of things. Which probably makes them that more special.

I've met some cool people, been some very neat places, & had some amazing experiences.

And, hopefully, there is a lot more ahead.

I think maybe my bucket list is filled more with just wanting to enjoy the life I'm living, take it all in, & pass it along to others more than actually wanting to "do" anything.


Cat Zen Space said...

Hey! I didn't know you had another blog. Excellent Bucket List. I feel compelled to mull one of my own....

Jinx said...

I'm still mulling!!

As for the blogs....I just keep putting them up to fit all the facets of "me".

I should probably adopt the name "Sybil" instead!