Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spiced Cafe Mocha Cookies & Dragonlings

Sundays just seem to be good days to experiment.

I'm still trying to decide on cookie recipes for the big Chorus fundraiser coming up. Chalk it up to my competitive steak, but I'm not going to settle for a simple pan of brownies when it is supposed to be a caberet themed affair

The Italian Lemon Cookies from a couple weeks ago were a hit.

Today's mission was to find something equally delicious, yet complimentary.

I decided on a little Cafe Mocha inspiration. With spices. And you can never go wrong with chocolate.

The results? A very nice blend of spices & coffee flavor amid the chocolate. You know you've found a good combination when the cookies start disappearing while they are still hot!

I'll try & get the recipe up on Stuff We Eat by tomorrow.

After one mess was cleaned up, I decided to play with polymer. Sculpy is pretty much the grown-up version of Playdoh. I had done a bit of sculpting a while back, & figured I might as well use up some of the material I had left. I've been cruising the Elfwood site & settled on attempting a dragonling.

Never ceases to amaze me how a tiny little craft can yield a bigger mess than 5 dozen glazed cookies! I think I'll be cleaning up mica powder for a week!


Tsquared said...

Holidays are coming - I'll take a care package along with Abandoned son.

Nice Dragony thing...:)

Jinx said...

Well, it's your lucky day...he's coming home for the Holidays. Which means I can send you BOTH care packages!!!

And he's a little rough, but cute, thanks! I have a ways to go in my grasp of the sculpting arts!

Violet said...

Your cookie recipe sounds delicious! Anything with chocolate and I'm there......

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Those cookies do look good! Yum. :-)