Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caramel Apple Pie

'I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year (yay!), so I"m already starting to go through the recipes. I like to mix things up a bit & add something new every year. Don't get me wrong, we always have the traditional fare; I just like to add a twist here & there.

So Sunday, I decided to get a bit creative & try something new.

If you've read my list of 20 (40 actually) favorite things about Autumn, you know I love caramel apples.


So, I thought, why not put the flavors in a pie?

The results were delicious!!!

Caramel Apple Pie (Click the link for the full recipe.)

At this point, things got a bit messy & I didn't want to be digging flour out of the camera with a toothpick! Plus, I got a little side-tracked while the pie was baking (blog to come).

But once it came out of the oven?



Maven said...

I will absolutely try this. Can't wait for the recipe!

Tsquared said...

My address is in the mail. I'll take two.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Should so not have come to your blog before eating. :-) YUM!

Jinx said...

It turned out better than I could have hoped for, not too sweet.

Pies are on the way, Tom, but I'll need my plates back for Thanksgiving!!!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...


crazycatlady said...

I followed a trail of links
Your recipe looks YUMMY !!

Jinx said...

Yum is only the half of it!

catlady, I'm certainly glad you linked your way here!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh. Man. That recipe looks wonderful! I think I'm gonna try that one on!

And a whole blog on martinis! Get. Out. Of. Here!!

Thanks for visiting our casita...glad i found you!

gina said...

That pie looks DELICIOUS! And I love the striped stockings with the lights- what a creative decorating twist!