Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We finally got a break in the rain on Thursday & got to go play at the pumpkin farm!


Maven said...

What a gorgeous array of pumpkins!

I finally found some white pumpkins and a green pumpkin yesterday :-)

Have I said pumpkin enough?

Tsquared said...

Gawd. Now it's Pumpkins. You two are some seriously twisted sisters.

Jinx said...

What I really wanted to buy was this gourd called "Red Warty Things". Honest, that's what the sign said!!

I don't ever think I've seen a white pumpkin before, but this farms had tons. You can NEVER have enough pumpkins!

And I think there should be a "Great Pumpkin Blog" Mr. Linky thing on the Inspired Room....just for you Tom!!!!

Kim said...

UGHHHH! I missed the slide show....


Jinx said...

Kim, missed it as "didn't get a notification" thingy?

Or missed it as, "stupid thing won't slide for me"? If so, the pics are all on the MySpace profile under Autumn.