Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Autumn Afternoon

I had big plans for my Sunday afternoon yesterday.

I was going to drag the beautiful daughter off to the pumpkin patch & get some great shots for a nice little Autumn photo blog.

Of course, the skies had other plans; I woke to an overcast & chilly day that threatened rain.

Enter Plan B.

Since I had to run errands anyway (#1 on the list, cat food!!!), I decided to stop at the craft store & pick up some things to bring the front porch up to speed for Fall so I could actually include it in the "drive by" on the Oct. 20th blog. As luck would have it, I stumbled onto a 50% off sale! I neglected to get a cart, so I must have been a fair sight, stumbling through the aisles grabbing bits & pieces as the muse hit.

I ended up with a wonderful collection of potential decor.

Never mind that I had just cleaned the house before I left on my little excursion, I spread everything out on the floor & sat back to hope a design sort of hit me.

It did.

I started with the gilded pheasant feathers (in keeping with my "Autumn Images" theme), & added some deeply colored grape leaves (pre-glittered, of course), & finished it off with a little beaded garland.

About this point, it was time to start thinking dinner, & what could be better on a rainy weekend afternoon than filling the house with the smells of the infamous family favorite, Chicken With a Carrot Up Its Butt

I had been to a farmers' market a couple weekends ago & filled the window with a collection of potted herbs to get me through the long winter.

With dinner in the oven, I made up a smaller version of the wreath for the front door. I still need to pick up one of those handy "over the door" holders. Hopefully, the rain will stay away & I can run to the farm at the end of the road & pick up a matching mum (or two) & get the entry ready for the photo shoot.

I managed to get the last of the glitter off the floor by the time the chicken was done (& both the Pack & the Brewers had lost).

I did remember to pick up cat food, but the boys love the chicken as much as we do!

All in all, not a bad way to spend a rainy day!


Maven said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me :-) I love that wreath! Strangely enough, you and I were doing similar things yesterday. I too went out to buy cat food - nothing worse than a hungry cat! And ended up at the farmer's market where I bought all kinds of gourds and squash to add to the porch. Good Lord, it's starting to look like Mayberry around here!

I have to try that chicken and the White Chocolate Macadamia cookies. They look amazing.

I'm posting a link to your Don't Sit Under the Pear Tree blog tomorrow. It suits the nostagic mood I'm in.

Have a great day Jinx!

Kim said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job! I can't wait to see the drive by...

Fall is the time of year that just gets all the "good" going!


Jinx said...

Maven, I drive past two different farms with all sorts of Fall goodies on display! It is SO hard not to be late to work every day!

Sometimes I swear we were separated at birth!!

Kim, I'm thinking of you lots as I get all the yarns in order for my Fall knitting!!

Tsquared said...

You guys are giving me hives with all this autumn domesticity.

Jinx said...

If you make a nice poltice of oatmeal & honey, it should clear that right up!!

Not to worry, I'm my regular sassy self back "home" on the MySpace blog!

gina said...

Love the wreath- sometimes rainy days are the best days of all! :)