Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn Images

Inspired by "20 Things I Love About Autumn", here are some pictures of the neighborhood:

When the ad screen comes up to cover the pics, click on the almost hidden "X" up in the right corner & the slide show will resume. I can't seem to pull that out of the coding.


Maven said...

No matter the craziness all around us, these pictures are a reminder that this really is a beautiful world.

And you live in a beautiful area. I am very fond of daisys and loved your second daisy picture. I also loved the old red barn. It looks just like the old barns I grew up around.

Thankyou for the relaxing walk through your world this evening.

Jinx said...

Thanks. It is gorgeous here, & regrettably sometimes you get too busy to even notice it! It was nice to slow down & appreciate the beauty.

The funny thing is that we are only 15 minutes from the city & 5 from major subdivisions! It is deceptively "country"!

Tsquared said...

Did you go out and take photos for a blog? Way more dedication than I could muster...

Jinx said...

You're talking to the person who took almost 600 shots on vacation!!!

Besides, the abandoned son in the desert needs to be reminded how beautiful Fall is up here!