Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warm fuzzies

Well, Autumn is officially here, with chilly evenings & breezy days.

The perfect time to take out a scarf. Or two.

Or, perhaps, the perfect time to make a new one!

I'll be the first to admit I lacked more than a little self-control last year in the yarn aisle. Anything soft, brightly colored & on sale was fair game! I ended up with a bountiful collection of skeins just waiting to be balled up & knitted into something special.

I also managed to amass a nice collection of various sizes of knitting needles. The bamboo ones are my favorite. They just feel, well, nice.

I've told myself I am not allowed to buy any more yarns until I use a few in the stash. (Believe me, the ones pictured are barely a glimpse of what lurks in the closet!) I had to repeat this little mantra a few times this week. Once, when I got the notice that the mohair blends in the new fall color trends were on sale. Again when I realized I hadn't found the perfect shade to go with that great leather jacket I picked up on clearance.

And yet again when I realized that, while some people eat for comfort, I tend to go shopping under stress & find things that make me feel good. And soft, snoogly things certainly make me feel good!

There has also been talk of adding to the Maine Coon collection. The two resident cats seem to understand & are not terribly pleased with the idea. Although they do like the yarn basket!!

I should also make a point to continue on with the afghan.

Colder nights are coming, and I've got quite a ways to go!!!


Maven said...

I love he fact that so many of my friends can knit. It's a beautiful art. Both of my grandmas knit and I have several cherished sweaters and blankies that they did for TH when he was a baby. They're both gone now, but they're knitted treasures live on.

I love the colours in your yarn. And your cats are beautiful.

Jinx said...

Well, I can knit a good straight line, suitable for scarf after scarf after scarf. Which is probably why the afghan wouldn't even cover one of the cats at the moment!!

But I do agree, those who can really knit have a gift!!

Tsquared said...

I think Mave is angling for a scarf. Maybe the one with that Rhinestone looking stuff in it.

Jinx said...

Well, a scarf I can do.

I'll NEVER part with the kittens though!!