Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why do I love Autumn?

Let me count the ways.

Or at least let me provide a list of 20 things I love most about Autumn, because after reading Maven's blog The Good Life this morning, I couldn't resist whipping up my own little list & joining the fun.

And, as luck would have it, I needed to drive into the sleepy little town we live near to drop off a panful of Lemon Bars for the Choir Booster booth at the Fall Festival. The sights & sounds helped me remember the countless reasons why I love it when Autumn rolls around.

My 20, in no particular order:

1. The crisp "snap" in the air; warm enough to lift your face to the sun & glory in the warmth, but cool enough to need that jacket you couldn't pass up from the latest sale.

2. Fresh Pear Crumble Pie with the smell of ginger that fills the kitchen. This brings back the memories of the HUGE Bartlett pear tree that towered over my childhood back yard.

3. Boots. You can never have enough pairs of boots. Soft, supple, go with anything, boots.

4. Caramel apples. "Designer" caramel apples. Cut into wedges, with a generous topping of homemade, buttery caramel, warm fudgey chocolate sauce and pecans.

5. The changing colors of the leaves; the waves of colors on the hillside as you drive into town. The rich reds, golds, oranges and browns with a smattering of green still holding on to the memories of summer.

6. Comfort food that takes hours to simmer: stews and sauces, filled with the goodness of "fresh from the field" produce.

7. Bonfires. Complete with S'mores.

8. Snoogly sweaters pulled from their summer slumber.

9. A nice cup of Earl Grey while curled up on the couch with at least one of the cats after a long day.

10. Soups. I could live on soup. And a crusty French baguette.

11. The Full Harvest moon that seems to take over the entire sky.

12. Migration time. For birds & monarchs alike. Just the other morning, as I drove past the corner stables, the horses had gotten a bit frisky & were chasing a flock of blackbirds around the pasture, racing up & down the hill, not letting them land for more than an instant before they needed to take flight again.

13. The first night that it is chilly enough to light a fire.

14. Stargazing, as Orion begins to take its winter place to watch over me.

15. Hot apple cider. Fresh apple cider, warmed with cinnamon, ginger & cloves.

16. Sleeping with the window open & the blankets piled up.

17. Wooly bear caterpillars.

18. Farmer's markets. With the sights, sounds & smells that surround you.

19. Back to school. Even though I have been long gone from having to report for classes, I still pick up something new to learn.

20. Preparation for the Holidays.

And I could probably list another 20 more!!

Go to The Inspiried Room to make your own list!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I adore fall, and your list is full of Autumn Goodness! Pear Crumble Pie? Oy. Yummy!

So glad you shared your list! If your friends would like to be a part or see the other lists, they are welcome to come by The Inspired Room and join in as well! I am really loving everyone's lists!


Jinx said...

I had just come back to add the link to your blog! I got so caught up in the memories of Fall I had forgotten!

Mea culpa!

Tsquared said...

Nice. Almost makes me want to go somewhere with seasons. And then I remember winter...

Jaime said...

What a nice list. I didn't even think to add s'mores, but we aren't allowed to have bonfires around here so I'm totally missing out on that one.

Jinx said...

T - there's a lot to be said for winter. But this is a family blog!!

Jaime, we have to get permits for bonfires around here, but people manage to sneak some anyway. I suppose you could always do some s'mores in the microwave like the kids do sometimes!

Maven said...

I love your list. I HAVE to try that pie!

Jinx said...

Thanks! I'm thinking about posting another 20!!

I have a bowlful of Bartlett pears ripening (much too slowly) on the counter just waiting for that pie treatment!!

jill said...

You've got a great list! I've enjoyed reading all the different lists and seeing so many common 'comforts' of the season. Happy Fall!

Jinx said...

Thanks Jill, it was a fun exercise! I took a drive today & it ws amazing how much I noticed because I was reading other people's lists too!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thank you for the recipe for Fresh Pear Crumble Pie. That sounds so good and I will try it one day soon. Pears are my favorite fruit, but I've never had a pear based pie.

Meghan said...

I so need to try the Pear Crumble Pie!
I love fruit but can't eat it until it's been "processed" in some way.
I am allergic to fresh fruit...doesn't that suck?

Your list is great!

Jinx said...

Vee & Meghan, I grew up with a huge pear tree in the back yard & my mom never once thought to make a pie! It has been my favorite since the day I stumbled on the recipe.

And I don't know what I would do without fresh fruit! That allergy totally sucks!

Kathy said...

That harvest moon really is dreamy! Love your Autumn list!

Jinx said...

Thanks Kathy. I love to go down to the lake & watch the moonrise. It just looks SO huge!