Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Gut" Instinct

You should just go with your gut instinct.

No, I'm not talking about that little voice inside that really does know better when you are trying to make decisions.
However, you should listen to that too.

I'm talking about that little voice that says, "bake brownies"... or "a nice cup of hot cocoa would be good right now"... or, in this case, "you really should make some Vanilla Bean Scones".


That little voice has been nagging me all week.
Every time I open the fridge & see the container of whipping cream staring me smack in the face, I hear it.
And, I hear it sometimes when I reach for that second cup of coffee.
And I even heard it at work the other day.

And, this morning, as I gave in to the fact that The Batman was NOT going to let me spend a leisurely morning in bed waiting for the 6:55am alarm... I was wishing that I had listened.

My little voice is quite wise sometimes.

My French Roast coffee with one packet of Sugar in the Raw & a splash of 1% is sitting hear in a rather lonely fashion, with room right alongside where a vanilla bean scone should be sitting. Well, sitting for a bit until I couldn't resist anymore.

But, alas, I didn't listen.

And by the time I would whip up a batch, & let them cool sufficiently to glaze, & let the glaze harden ever so slightly, the coffee would be gone. Or cold. Or have lost interest in the scone.

So, today, I will do without.

And, perhaps next time, I will listen to that little voice.

Unless it says, "make Petite Fours".
Then I would think the little voice is just being silly!

And, just in case your little voice is now prompting you to make them, Vanilla Bean Scones really are worth the time :)

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