Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life in the Country...

I love living in the middle of nowhere.

It just takes the simplest of things to remind me of that little fact.

Sometimes, I just need to lie in bed & listen to the coyotes as they sing to each other in the otherwise still of the night.

Sometimes, I just need to peek out the side window & watch as the first blush of the sunrise warms the sky over the lake.

Sometimes, I just need to stand alone in the middle of the driveway underneath the blanket of stars.

Sometimes, I just need to stand at my front window & watch as a pair of foxes trot up that same driveway as if dropping by for a visit.

And, sometimes, I just need to look at my own front door.

My door was looking rather naked since the halls were undecked of their Christmas finery. It's a little too early to put up the cheery Spring orchid wreath, so I set off to find a little mid-winter inspiration. So, off I went to visit my dear friend "Michael", at whose place I found a nice little garland & inexpensive sign.

"Believe" used to be my screensaver years ago, a simple reminder that scrolled across my computer in beautiful Dragonscript font. It was a quieter time, filled with dragons & faeries & many more moments to dream. Stumbling across that little sign brought a wistful little smile, & I decided that I may need to be reminded a bit more often.

So, armed with my simple supplies, & with The Batman's assistance, I formed a new little welcome wreath; just a little reminder that Spring is on its way.

I wonder if my fox couple noticed :)

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