Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

I'm getting snowed in.
Third day off in a row this has happened.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

Not that I mind.
I would SO much rather it snowed when I can stay safe & snug, with a mug of hot cocoa & a cat or two & watch the snowfall instead of having to drive in the stuff.

It is pretty, I'll give you that.
The swirling flakes, the blanket of white, then, inevitably, the clear blue (or deep black flecked with diamond starlight) skies that follow.

I don't even mind shoveling.
It clears your mind & works your body.

I just hate having to drive in it.
OK, I don't even hate the driving, just all the other drivers on the road.
Who more than once have driven with a speed too fast for conditions, or under the influence, or without a safe following distance & thusly messed up my bumper, my neck... & my rear end.
The car's rear end, to be accurate.

So, I will delight in the opportunity to stay home today.

And put on my favorite music.

And light a candle.

And try a new recipe.

And perhaps an old one.

And read a book.

And watch the snow fall.

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